Guide: What Will Fit?

The right storage unit for your needs
Exactly how much stuff will fit in there anyway? Use the guide below to give you a better idea of how much your storage unit will hold.

5' x 5'
Equal in size to a small closet.
Holds small furniture, office supplies, clothing and a few file boxes

5' x 10'
Equal in size to a large walk-in closet
Holds large furniture, small office, boxes of clothing, yard equipment, motorcycle, bikes.

10' x 15'
Equal in size to an average living room
Holds furnishings of a one or two bedroom apartment

10' x 20'
Equal in size to a one car garage
Holds furnishings from a two bedroom house. Holds a vehicle.

10' x 30'
Equal in size to a large garage
Holds furnishings of a 3 bedroom house, or used for commercial storage.